Nicholas Redding Executive Director Preservation Maryland

Maryland’s LGBTQ History Study is Second in Nation

Adds Important Inclusive History in Official Historic Record

Baltimore, MD (October 27, 2020) – During National LGBTQ History Month, Preservation Maryland is proud to announce the completion and acceptance of Maryland’s groundbreaking LGBTQ Historic Context Study by the Maryland Historical Trust. Maryland is only the second state to conduct such comprehensive LGBTQ history; Kentucky being the first. The 100-page document and property database of nearly 400 sites important to LGBTQ life in each of Maryland’s counties is now part of the historic record – and is being abridged for a forthcoming illustrated booklet and resource guide.
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In August 1920, women across America celebrated the adoption of the 19th Amendment. At the National Woman’s Party headquarters in Washington, Alice Paul, the group’s leader, triumphantly unfurled a banner displaying 36 stars, one for each state that had voted to ratify the women’s suffrage amendment. For Paul and the many suffragists who had picketed the White House or paraded along Pennsylvania Avenue, it was the culmination of decades of work. The next step was getting new women voters registered in anticipation of the fall election.

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